Due to astronomical sales, there is a 5-7 day wait before orders can be shipped.
We are working 7 days a week and making fresh smoked snacks everyday. Thank you for your understanding.
 Smoked Snacks For Fundraising!

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Our simple to use "Online Order Form" makes it easy for you to choose any combination of 12 different flavors! You get 6 Bags per case and each bag can be a different flavor! Each case of 144 Smoked Snack Sticks costs $79.20. You make 45% PROFIT on each snack stick that you buy for $.55 and sell for $1.00. Shipping cost is $9.80 per case. We give you 10 FREE snack sticks in each case and when sold for $1.00 each will cover your s&h cost.
You can sell them for $1.00 each:
• In Class • In School • At Games • At Your School Store •
• In The Community • Let Your Family Sell Them At Work •
You make 45% profit on each snack stick that you buy for $.55 and sell for $1! For every
case you sell you make $65 profit!
1 case = $65 profit • 5 cases = $325 profit
12 cases = $780 profit • 20 cases = $1,300 profit
*Free Posters & Display Boxes w/ your Order!
*Upon Request