Smoked Snacks For Fundraising!

The Healthier Fundraising Snack Option

Nutrition is at the top of everybody’s list these days.

The Rules have changed, but fear not, you have options:

Option #1

The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act:

Says this about Fundraisers…

–However, the law permits USDA to allow for a limited number of fundraisers to sell food and beverage items that do not meet the proposed nutrition requirements. Your state will determine the frequency that you are allowed to sell our smoked snack sticks during school hours. Along with your school officials, scheduled times can be set aside to accomplish all your fundraising goals.

Option #2

The stringent new standards would not apply to non-school hours, weekends and off-campus fundraising events. That means sending bags of yummy sticks home with students to sell to family, relatives, you name it. (*Great Lunch box stuffers from home)

Option #3

The community. We offer plastic countertop display boxes that hold 24 smoked snacks each that can be placed by parents in company break rooms, or local supporting businesses that can raise your clubs funds through sales on a daily basis. Some of our top selling schools in the country use this technique with outstanding results. Imagine going around your community harvesting profits for the club’s programs, everybody wins.

Option #4

Pre-Sales. By taking orders through this option everyone can order their favorite flavors at one time. Once you take delivery those distributed sticks can be taken home and may later appear in student’s lunchboxes for an awesome protein snack while raising money at the same time.

In the mean time we have been attempting to get a full USDA exemption for the sticks just like the exemption for Milk, Cheese, Nuts, Yogurt and seafood. Our hope is that common sense will prevail.