Smoked Snacks For Fundraising!


"Country Meats, Thank you for such a fine product. My wife and I always support the local FFA from the local county's. We have purchased your products in the past and always look forward to them every year. I believe she bought this last round from either Ritchie or Doddridge County high school FFA in West Virginia. My wife forwarded them to me here in Afghanistan for my buddies and I . They where a great surprise as everyone jumped at a chance to get some GOOD beef sticks. All the flavors where consumed in no time. Just wanted to drop a line and say keep up the good work."

Darren A. Griffith, TSgt., USAF
Engineer Craftsman

"These sticks are incredible, they don't leave a film in your mouth like the other ones and you don't feel like you ate a salt grenade an hour later. These are seasoned and smoked meat sticks that really hit the hunger when I'm on the go. All kinds of flavors, but I like the sweeter ones the most."

Jonathan Lazarus

"For several years as FFA Advisor at Vernon High School in the rural panhandle of Florida, we used your products as our primary fund-raiser. Most of the meat sticks I sold from my office during class changes. I found out by trial and error which were the most popular flavors to stock. As an added advantage, several students that would not have been familiar with the Agriscience program were successfully recruited. I have never had any problems with orders and have never experienced any negative comments about the quality of the products. For anyone looking for an easy way to raise a little ( or a lot) of cash for your organization. give Country Meats a try!"

Hiram Tison
Vernon HS FFA FL

"My husband, son and I were at your facility last month and bought some snack stick treats to take on a cruise with us as part of our cabin crawl, with people from Florida to California to Canada. The snack sticks were a great representation of something from our home town. I just want to let you know how much every one enjoyed them! The selection of flavors is so nice - there's at least one for everyone! My boys can't wait to get some more! The few that we had left, we took with us to my brother's place in Arkansas, and he has already asked for your information to get them to fund raise for his Bass Club. I truely appreciate your product, your employees and your kindness. You represent what a company should be and I wish you success as you continue on."

Thank you,
Martha Stevens

"Your product has been a big hit at our school and the dividends are really beneficial to our TSA members. Your customer service and payment options are outstanding. Our club has been very fortunate to have a great product like yours to help us financially in order to participate in events we would not be able to without your fundraising product and merchandising expertise. Thank you very much."

Greg Register
Lowndes Middle School GA

"This has been an ongoing fundraiser for our chapter for three years now. Country Meats helps support membership and the purchase of FFA jackets. THANKS so much!"

Robin Wall

"Thanks for all you do for the student organizations of our nation."

Kenny Blake
Automotive Technology
Hoke County High School

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the excellent service and a the quality of your product. We have been selling Country Meats as a fund raiser for the last 3-4 years and have found this to be an easy sell over the old candy type sales. We are in the midst of putting together this year’s sale and would like to know if the students could get a sample of your flavors, we are trying to decide what we will select and would like to place an order for about 17 cases by the end of next week. We have been approved to sell from the end of Sept. thru mid Nov. We do our sales as individual classes which allows us the ability to use the funds raised to purchase special tools needed in our industry. There are other classes in this facility that will also looking to sell the country meat product."

Jerry Koenig
Power Equipment Technology Instructor
Cuyahoga Valley Career Center

"We wanted to say as a group that this is the best fundraiser that we have ever done... And I am in 12th grade and we sell them like all the same day we get them...There is a line out side our door after every class! Hope the new facility will increase production..."

Poyen High School AR

"They are awesome! I had 3 students sell 30 sticks in one day. They are much better than candy. Everyone is addicted to the Sweet Annie Brown."

Don Festge
Barbara Goleman Senior High School
Miami, FL

"We recently had our annual FFA fund raiser which includes fruit from Colorado, meat and cheese, along with your meat. I have sold your meat sticks in my class for the last four years and they are always a hit. We have always enjoyed your product and the kids really appreciated the free promotional shirts that are included in every third case. For fun we had a 'country meats' day in my 1st hour Agbusiness class today. Thought I would just share the pictures with you. Thanks!!"

Nathan Behlke
Dundy County Stratton High
Benkelman, NE
Girls Basketball

Thank you guys for making a product I could sell to raise money for my son and husband to go to Washington DC.

Doretta Watt

Working with this company has been so easy and rewarding. Being a first year Ag teacher is rough but at least there is one phone call I know will always go smoothly... and that is when I dial Country Meats!

Carmen N. Benson
South Effingham High School
Agricultural Education
FFA Advisor

"We found out about Country Meats when we tasted samples of some of the flavors at the national TSA conference in Orlando three years ago. Our technology education and robotic design classes have been selling Country Meats meat sticks since then. Almost everyone in our school knows about them and asks when we're going to start selling this year. They're definitely the most popular fundraiser we've had since I started high school, and I'm a senior now."

McKenzie Yordy
Bloomsburg Area TSA PA

I've been selling Country Meats for 5 years now. You have helped countless students travel to NYC, Charlotte, Louisville, Dallas, etc... Our school loves them and they meet nutrition guidelines!

Brandi Cantrell

"Country Meats has been the best fundraiser that our FCCLA group has participated in. They will sell themselves without any advertising. Once the students know you have them the students will come to your room and ask for them!!! Students I don't even have in class will come in to buy which will not only allow me to meet them and sell Snack Sticks but also to sell my FACS program!!!!!"

Pam Busch
Sr. FACS/FCCLA Adviser
Neodesha High School
Neodesha, KS

This fundraiser is a great one!

Carl Anderson
Eminence HS IN

Can I please get this as soon as possible. We sold out of our first two cases in two days. I plan on ordering more next week…

Virginia Hollingback
Wilburton, OK

I have ordered from you many years ago (Loudoun County HS) ...the service and quality of the product was excellent... it looks as if it hasn't changed-thanks I have been teaching for 23+ years

Dennis Sizemore
Monroe Technology Center VA

Great fundraiser. Sells out almost everyday!

Todd Engle
Jackson Liberty HS NJ

"We can not keep up! We should have just ordered 20 boxes to get us started, or maybe more. I made up bundles of 1 of each of the 11 flavors we ordered and tied them together with raffia bows- we can't keep them on hand! Instead of going 1 stick at a time, we're selling them in bundles of 11 at a time! My co-leader was nervous about how they would sell- here's her feedback after the first day- "Omg!!! I have people coming to my desk like crazy to buy this stuff. I told them I would have some more this afternoon and I would have plenty on Friday. I didn't realize it would sell like this. You were right." So- Thank you to your organization for being so ingenious to create such an original and wonderful product for youth groups to benefit."

Possum Trot 4-H
Julie M Pierce

"My FCCLA sold these last fall with great success. The school's wellness committee was thrilled to see something sold besides candy. The students found that they had no problem selling this."

Rita Nienstedt
Fort Scott High School KS

We use Country Meats as part of our 4H Camp Teen Leader Fundraising program. Teen Leaders have to fund their way to camp and for every stick sold we put their profit into Camp Credits. Last year we had several teens end up paying only less than $10 to go to camp and the camp costs $150. Sales of Country Meats products helped them raise over 96% of their camping costs! They love selling the sticks because they basically sell themselves!!

Emily Nester
Carroll Co 4-H VA

My name is Alan Guo and I am the 2nd place winner of the Internet Application Programming Competition. I would like to thank you for your generous sponsorship of the Internet Application Programming Competition in the FBLA National leadership Conference of 2009. This sponsorship has provided me with not only an incentive to compete, but an increased willpower to learn and understand the concept of programming applications in a webpage environment. With this increased knowledge, , am more prepared for a very technology dominant future. I can proudly say that your sponsorship has not only contributed to FBLA's future, but also to my own. For this, I am extremely grateful. I hope that you will continue your contributions so that more students like me will compete and expand their knowledge.

Thank You,
Alan Guo

Thank you, the students love these!

Connie Shelton
West Limestone HS

"I just wanted to extend how impressed I am with the customer service I received, specifically from Laura. After placing my on-line order yesterday, Laura called me to advise that I needed to contact the school/group adviser before she could complete the order. I had hoped to avoid unnecessary "red tape", so this was not the best news for me to hear. However, Laura's kindness and courteous manners encouraged me to proceed with at least initiating the "red tape". I advised Laura to cancel the order I had placed, and should my attempts be successful, I would place a new order. I never expected to receive a call from Laura again this morning, letting me know that the school adviser had placed the order and thanking me for the business. I am very impressed with her follow-up! As the manager of a team focused on customer service, I can only hope that my employees would act in this manner! Thank you! While it may seem simple, the phone call Laura made to me today really exemplifies an "over-the-top" customer service moment!"

Lora Lee Schweiger
Altoona, PA 16601

Just add this order to our last PO. We are selling them quick!

Lisa Walker
Calhoun Middle HS WV

Wow!! It is so nice to be selling again and the kids are very excited to be back in business and eating up the new flavors!!!!!

Elizabeth Harper
New Smyrna Beach HS FFA FL

"In Texas, we can no longer sell candy or other items that are not healthy in our schools. You have the perfect product for these high school BPA, FBLA, and DECA chapters to use."

Sherrell Wheeler - President
Texas Business and Technology Educators Association
Borger, Texas

"I first tasted your Smoked Snack Sticks at an August Conference in Tulsa, OK. I knew the product would sell easy after tasting your samples. Three years later this is the only fundraiser that my Technology Student Association does for the year. Your Smoked Snack Sticks meet the Boards nutritional requirements for healthy choices. Our student body really enjoys, each year, when the TSA is selling jerky. Thanks for your support for our Chapter."

Charles Frech
Emerson Jr. High
Enid, Oklahoma

"Let me start by saying, I and my students really like your product. We have managed to pay the majority of the student's club dues and also pay their contest registration fees using Country Meats as our sole fundraiser."

Randy Rickman
Dresden High School

"Country Meats provides a great snack for students. This fundraiser is different from others and the product is easy to sell. The meat sticks also meet the nutritional requirements for snacks as set by the USDA. Much of our profits go to support our students at state and national competitions. Thanks, Country Meats, you’re doing great!!."

Jackie McLemore Limestone Co.
CTC Skills USA Advisor Athens, AL

"Our students love the Country Meats smoked sticks and they are more nutritious than candy. The profit is great and they are so easy to order online. This fundraiser is a great deal all around."

Faye Campbell
Meade Co. AVC Skills USA
Brandenburg, KY

Great fundraiser. Sells out almost everyday!

Todd Engle
Jackson Liberty HS NJ

Ship ASAP, I'm down to 3 bags from the last order! We love the new flavors! Good Job!

Brandi Cantrell
Arab HS AL

"Our students love the variety of the 12 different flavored snack sticks. They make a great morning snack, are well packaged, safe to eat, taste good and are very nutritious. The Country Meats fundraiser is one of the best values of all the products we have ever used."

Fred Oakes
North Iredell Middle School
Statesville, NC

"The Country Meats sticks taste so good that they sell themselves. These products are easy to sell, easy to handle, and they last a long time without worrying about spoilage. Keep up the good work."

Darin Taylor
Utah Valley State College Skills USA
Orem, UT

"My Skills USA students really like the taste of these sticks. Their shipping service is really fast and I do not have to order large quantities at a time. They actually will ship a minimum of 1case and allow me to mix up to 6 flavors."

Jim McKenney
Keya Paha Co HS Skills USA
Springview, NE

I offer and encourage the support of Country Meats for several reasons, all of which I have experienced personally. First, and foremost, is the respect and courtesy that is provided each and every time I have called the company. My order is always correct and handled in a timely fashion in order to provide the freshest and most satisfying product possible. The variety of flavors makes it possible to satisfy the taste of each customer. The students, faculty, and local businesses of the community enjoy the products and approve of the quality. It has proven to be a very successful fundraiser for our FFA Chapter... We have tried other fundraisers and were never as successful with those. The Country Meats products is now in other PODS in our school because of their popularity with the students and teachers. By placing them in the other PODS, students from athletics, drama, Builders, and band now benefit from the product as a fundraiser as well. Our FFA students and members are excited to be able to help these other clubs within our school as well as ourselves. I admire the integrity and quality that has been emphasized by the Country Meats business and pledge to continue as one your customers. It is because of the efforts and ethics Country Meats offers that assure the USA is indeed a Great Nation to live in.

Buddy Mills
Yearling Middle School
Okeechobee, Florida

Kids are bugging me...get them in the mail, PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Rich Siegfried

I am new to ordering from you, but I work at Cottondale High School with Cindy Franklin who has used you in the past. She highly recommended you! Thank you!

Angela Ostrander
Cottondale HS School Store FL

"Selling Country Meats Smoked Snacks is what sends our kids to the state convention & buys them each a steak dinner"

Brian Trumble
Osceola Middle School
Okeechobee, Florida

"Country Meats Smoked Snacks are so easy to sell, They sell themselves!"

Scott Miller
Belpre High School
Belpre, Ohio

"Deland Middle School FFA has been buying Country Meats Smoked Snacks for 3 years and ours sales have increased from 2,600 sticks to 5,750 to a new record 7,250 stick just in the first half of the year! Double those figures and you have our end of year sale. Now, what has caused that increase? Great price, taste, texture, flavor, & selection. The best fundraiser I have ever had for FFA!"

Francis Dulac
Deland Middle School
Deland, Florida

"As recipient of 1SI place in Internet Application Programming at the FBLA National Conference in Anaheim, CA, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your generous support in providing funds for the awards. I know that without the support of businesses such as yours, these awards would not be possible. Competing in this event was very educational and rewarding, and it was a great honor to be onstage for the awards ceremony. Hearing my name called as the top winner was a moment I will never forget. The $750 prize will go into my college savings and help me achieve my goals for the future. Thank you again very much."

Matthew Griffith

"Our Lieutenant Command Officer got a box with some of your smoked snack sticks in it and told us to take a few of each flavor. after that it was over, they didn't last long. I just wanted to say thanks for making such a tasty treat. I gave a few to some of the other soldiers and they loved them. Thanks again."

SPC Christopher Mauro
Camp Victory South
Baghdad, Iraq