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FFA Fundraiser

FFA Fundraising With Country Meats Smoked Snack Sticks

Future Farmers of America (FFA) chapters must raise money to cover the costs of competitions and conventions, provide scholarships, and support community service projects. Country Meats fundraisers have long helped FFA members successfully raise money for their events and projects.

FFA chapters can benefit from any or all of the three types of Country Meats fundraisers:

  • Traditional
  • Pre-order
  • Online

How a Country Meats Fundraiser Works for FFA

FFA chapters can set up a booth for a traditional Country Meats fundraiser, and sell the meat sticks in person. This type of fundraiser works well for:

  • County fairs
  • Expos
  • In specific locations like school social or sporting events
  • Outside of hardware stores (where allowed)
  • Farmers markets

To host a traditional, in-person fundraiser, you simply need to set up an account online, order the flavors you want, and we'll ship your smoked meat sticks to you. We include an additional 10 free snack sticks to offset the cost of shipping. You buy each stick for $.75 and sell it for $1.50, earning a 50% profit. With this fundraiser, your FFA chapter raises $113 per case.

We also offer a pre-order option, so your FFA chapter can take orders first, then place one large order with Country Meats. The profit margin is still 50%. You'll deliver the orders when they arrive, and some FFA chapters enjoy this method since it provides an opportunity to build community relationships.

Finally, we offer an online fundraising option, which is an excellent choice for reaching a wide audience of potential customers or running in addition to a traditional or pre-order fundraiser. For an online fundraiser, you'll set up an account on our website then receive a personalized URL. Customers buy directly from the URL, then we ship the product for you. An online fundraiser allows your FFA club to make $6 per 10 Stick Mini Mix, $12 per 24 Stick Bag, and $24 per 48 Stick Variety Mix.

We've proudly partnered with FFA chapters for years, and we're happy to help you reach your fundraising goals. Country Meats fundraisers are available all the time, so you can hold one or multiple fundraisers throughout a school year or during the summer. To start your fundraiser, either create an account online, or reach out to our customer service at (800) 277-8989 or if you want more information. If you haven't tried our smoked meat sticks but are interested in holding a Country Meats fundraiser, we'll send you a free sample pack so you can taste our delicious products. Just click the button below!

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"This has been an ongoing fundraiser for our chapter for three years now. Country Meats helps support membership and the purchase of FFA jackets. THANKS so much!"

"Deland Middle School FFA has been buying Country Meats Smoked Snacks for 3 years and our sales have increased from 2,600 sticks to 5,750 to a new record 7,250 sticks just in the first half of the year! Double those figures and you have our end of year sale. Now, what has caused that increase? Great price, taste, texture, flavor, & selection. The best fundraiser I have ever had for FFA!"

"Working with this company has been so easy and rewarding. Being a first year Ag teacher is rough but at least there is one phone call I know will always go smoothly... and that is when I dial Country Meats!"