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Our Story

We started in a retrofitted barn with a dream of helping kids and a knack for making the tastiest smoked meat sticks around.

And over 43 years since Jerry Geatches started our business, Country Meats is still working every day to support fundraisers throughout the country with our range of delicious snack sticks — all while remaining committed to our principles of service, quality, and integrity. From local schools and sports teams to scouting troops across America, we work with groups of every kind, helping them make their dreams come true with the finely crafted meat sticks our family has been making for generations.

So, here's to the camping trips. The new band uniforms. The state championships. Here's to going to your first National Park. Your favorite annual competition. Your final school field trip. Here's to spending time with friends and making memories you'll savor for years to come. And here's to the snack that brought you together and helped you accomplish something great: Country Meats.

" Anybody that has a worthwhile cause can use Country Meats for their fundraising needs. "


Discover Our Family History & Meat Smokin' Tradition