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Ghost Fire

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For years folks would debate whether or not our Volcano flavor is hotter than the Cajun style? Well this new entry will put an end to the "which is hotter debate" It is by far the hottest snack stick we have ever crafted... Brave souls will come out of the woodwork for a challenging snack like Ghost Fire! It has a habanero based seasoning but we added an extra kick with Bhut Jolokia pepper or better known as the "Ghost Pepper". This exotic pepper is among the hottest on the planet and is sure to satisfy the toughest connoisseurs.

Net Weight: 1oz
Snack Stick Size: Approximately 7"


Pork, water, spices (including habanero pepper), salt, dextrose, natural smoke flavor, lactic acid starter culture, monosodium glutamate, spice extractives, hydrolyzed soy protein, silicon dioxide (anticake), bhut jolokia pepper (ghost chili), sodium nitrite, encased in collagen casing.

Country Meats Smoked Snacks are produced in our USDA inspected facility. Extra care is focused on the process and formulation of each flavor. However, all flavors including those that contain soy, dairy, and wheat are processed on and in the same machinery and equipment. Our machinery and equipment are cleaned and sanitized between use or as needed.

Contains: Soy