Smoked Snacks For Fundraising!

"Turbo Charge Your Sales!"

#1. The Remote Display Box

This Idea comes from a middle school way down in south Florida. They sell over 200 cases each year and have been gracious enough to share their secret with you. ENJOY.

With the box you can have your fundraiser working all the time.

Request a box or two from us and we’ll ship them to you with your order.

Now the fun part:
Using your imagination you can brainstorm with your kids and choose some location ideas
Like these:
Approach a local business that supports your organization. A business you know well and wouldn’t mind putting out the box for your group.
Parents are your goldmine! A well placed box at a supportive parents business or job may just keep your cash register ringing.

Alumni or past super student, need I say more?

The idea behind the remote sales box is simple and profitable. Once your location(s) are established assign some students to check on the boxes to collect money and reload sticks on a periodic basis that works for you. (Compared to taking half a Saturday to wash cars this will seem like a picnic)

At first, keep it simple. Test the waters. Remember people want to help the kids. This is a way to let them and at the same time they will get smoked snacks like they have never tasted! You’ll get people who will buy you out of house and home and your group will be hauling in the big money.

#2. The Country Meats Poster

FREE for you! Request a poster or two from us and we’ll ship them to you with your order.!

#3. The Secret To Hauling In The Big Money!

What you are about to read will crack the veil of secrecy as to the inner workings of an agriculture teacher at Yearling Middle School in Okeechobee Florida. His name is Buddy Mills and he has outsold every middle and high school in the United States for four straight years!

I’m going to tell you how he does it.

Level One: Most teachers will sell snack sticks at a certain time each day to the class and raise money for their group. This will generate cash flow to help with expenses. Kids will buy their favorites each day and beg for more.

Level Two: Select a group of your best kids and have them help manage the sale more like a business. Assign bags of 24 sticks to students and have them sell throughout the day and even take them home, returning with the money. The families and friends of students will eat the sticks like they are going out of style. Multiple sales people will increase your results substantially.

Level Three: Are you ready for this. I wish this were my idea but it belongs to Buddy Mills, the master of the sale. Buddy had some kids whose parents owned or worked in businesses set up snack sticks in jars or boxes at those businesses! The folks that bought sticks got the best smoked snack in the world and each sale helped support the kids, everybody wins. But he didn’t stop there. Then he set up a route of locations in Feed stores around his town. They are selling like hot cakes! He moved 70,000 plus sticks this season alone! You could assign some responsible kids to set up your own route right in your own town. It’s for the best cause you could possibly think of….your group! The tens of thousands of dollars raised by such an endeavor could be used to do the things that will make your kids school experience one of the highpoints in their lives.

That’s what Buddy does.

P.S. The other two schools in Okeechobee Florida, another middle school and a high school sell the sticks as well. And each year they can sell almost as much as Buddy. I don’t think it’s something in the water, its called leadership.

"My TSA club earned money last year from sales of Country Meats. Thanks very much!"
Chuck Routhier - Sugg Middle School in Bradenton, FL