Smoked Snacks For Fundraising!


Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm eastern standard time

General Info, Questions, to place an order - 1(800)277-8989
Local - (352) 237-5232
Fax - (352) 237-5620
We do not have a computerized phone system! You will get right through to a HUMAN!

Physical Address
5750 SW 1st Lane
Ocala, FL 34474

Meet The Team

Leah Thomas
Customer Service

Leah was born and raised in Florida. She grew up on a 40 acre farm with her mom and sister. Her favorite memory growing up is learning to drive the 1972 Chevy farm truck with her grandfather to feed all the critters. Leah has two beautiful daughters and a handsome fiance, Jay. They love taking their jet ski out (almost every weekend). When you call Country Meats, she will be there to quickly answer your call with a friendly voice!

  • Customer Service
  • Accounts Receivable
Ashlee Swicegood
Customer Service

Ashlee was born and raised right here in Ocala, Florida. She grew up being the youngest of 7 siblings. Ashlee is currently attending the College of Central Florida obtaining her Associates degree, then moving toward her Bachelors. Ashlee has one beautiful daughter and an awesome husband, Chris. They enjoy spending time together outdoors. Ashlee attends conferences all over the USA and would love to meet you!

  • Customer Service
  • Accounts Receivable
Melissa Geatches
Customer Service

Born in North Miami Beach, FL, she enjoys the Florida sun and heat. She is married to Jeremy Geatches and has two children that she adores. In her spare time, Melissa enjoys biking the Florida Greenway, kayaking, and fishing. Melissa is part of the customer service team assisting customers, going to shows, and coming up with new and exciting ways to reach those in need of fundraising.

  • Customer Service
  • Scout Patch Program
Jeremy Geatches
Vice President / Owner

Country Meats was founded in 1978 and the next year he was born on the 15 acre farm. Neighbors tell stories how his fathers pigs would leave the farm and end up in the neighborhood eating their landscaping and he would tag along with his diaper full and half off. The family has always had boats and he has always loved going fishing with Arron, his dad and mom but never Paul - he is bad luck - boats always break when he is on them. Technology and its implementation are his biggest asset to the company. He loves his wife and kids and look forward to them and his brothers kids working in the family business one day. He loves to meet and talk to folks at all of the conferences.

  • Owner
  • Technology
  • Taste Engineer
Arron Geatches
Senior Vice President / Owner

Arron is the 3rd born of 4 children. He has traveled the USA by, car, air plane, train and motorcycle. He loves people. He has 2 wonderful boys and a beautiful wife. He earned the title “Biggest Baby Born in Collier County Florida” in 1973 - 12 lbs 2 oz! If you travel to any of your groups conferences, chances are you’ll meet Arron and he will make you laugh.

  • Owner
  • Flavor Development
Sean Scenna
Personnel Manager

Sean has lived in Florida for 23 years, formerly from Connecticut, and still follows his beloved baseball team the "New York Yankees". Sean has been working for Country Meats for 5 years and considers himself the master at cutting our yummy smoked snack sticks to perfection with approximately 139,000 hand cut per week and he also ships out your order to you. Sean is married and has two sons and enjoys swimming and bowling. Sean was employee of the year in 2010.

  • Management
  • Production
Gillie Mott
Sanitation Manager / Chef

Gillie is the oldest of 3 brothers and is originally from Miami, FL. He has 3 wonderful boys and a awesome wife. He came to Country Meats in 2007 after nearly 18 years of service with Publix Supermarkets which included several years in management. Not only has he known the Geatches family since 1985, but he went to school with several of the owners. He takes extreme pride in his daily duties and believes Customer Satisfaction is #1. Gillie is responsible for cooking every snack stick that comes from Country Meats. Gillie was employee of the year in 2009 and 2012.

  • Management
  • Chef
  • Quality Control
Rob Borello
Safety Manager

He has the distinct privilege of providing safety to all of the wonderful people that call Country Meats their place of employment. He also protects the building and premises in conjunction with the local law enforcement and Homeland security. He takes pride in his job and enjoys his fellow employees. He has an amazing wife and 2 beautiful girls. Rob was employee of the year in 2009.

  • Management
  • Safety
  • Quality Control
Ted Lester
Food Scientist

Ted was born and raised in Key West, Florida as was his father and his dad, who was the first and only KW High graduate in his class of one! Ted has a B.S. degree from Auburn University in Animal Science and a Masters Degree from the University of Florida in Meat Science. His wife Fran is also a Floridian and they are proud parents of three children. Two of which are fraternal twins; Andrew is a ballet and modern dancer in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. His twin sister Briana is a nun and a doctor and her religious order, the Religious Sisters of Mercy (RSM), gave her the name Sister Mara (Mary in Hebrew). Their youngest son is Clay and he is currently in his second year of medical school at Auburn University (VCOM) where he will earn a DO (Doctor of Osteopathic) medical degree at the expense and training of the U.S. Army. Ted enjoys scuba and freediving, hunting, gardening, cooking and eating! Ted very happy to be here at Country Meats where he can assist us in continuing to making quality smoked snacks for you!

  • Food Science
  • Quality Assurance
Patty Geatches

Patty, with her husband of 25 years Paul, have a precious 10 year old daughter named Taylor. Patty is all about the details and handles some of the most important aspects of running a fast growing business. She takes care of accounts, payroll and strategic cash flow planning for all corporate operations. She loves to swim and shoot photography in her spare time.

  • CFO
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable